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Jean Louis Nicodé: "The Sea" Symphony-Ode for Menschoir, Solo (Tenor/Mezzo-soprano*), grand Orchestra and Organ after a poem by Karl Woermann in seven Movements composed 1888 (Score - musical guide in german)

(*In the fifth Movement is used a Mezzo-soprano, as Nicodé himself has chosen a mezzo-soprano in his performances of "the sea" in Leipzig 1889 and Vienna 1891)

(The recording of the fifth Movement "Fata Morgana" is dedicated to the Mezzo-soprano Dagmar Anna Maria Hödl, who I am sure would have sung this so much better.)

"The sea" was published 1888 and played the first time in Leipzig (where Mahler in this years composed his first Symphony).

Before any of Mahlers Symphony was ever played, this compositions prefigures in his combination of a as large as virtouse romantic orchestra with choir and solos as in its dimensions important aspects of Gustav Mahlers great symphonic oeuvre, who is later turning like Nicodé to a kind of oratoric Symphony with the second and third Symphony trying to combine poetic inspiration with the highly developed musical language of the romantic Symphony.

(see  Don O'Connors article about the three most important orchestral compositions by Nicodé)

(You find Pianomusic of Nicodé here)

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