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Martin Aike Almstedt:

 Pianosonata Nr.1 "Where are y..."

Martin Almstedt’s comments about his 1st Sonata, dedicated to the memory of a person of great importance to him:
1) Congestion, Break-Up, Flow, Break-Through could be markings for the first movement.
2) In the second movement the form fades away in places and then becomes more or less open.  The music has an effect of resignation.
3) Percussive sections that resolve into finer melodic lines, which, in turn, develop further and strongly bunch, giving rise to a sense of fury and despair in the third movement.
4) The fourth movement develops what was already laid out in the second movement.  Hopelessness, relinquishment, but also some acceptance crystallize from its form, which is once again open in places.
5) In the last movement, the form breaks up dramatically again and again.  Despair culminates here, but so, too, the intimation of great peace.

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