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Bela Bartok: Divertimento for Strings

About the Interpretationsexperiment "Original Tempo":
While Bartok has precisly described aswell with numerical tempoadvises aas with details expected minutes of duration for each movement and the whole all more than 40 recordings of this composition I know are more or less notably (up to 7-8 Minutes) longer than the duration demanded in the score demands (Only two of them Zoltan Koscis und Jan Stanienda are less than one minute longer, further three by J.J.Kantorow, Lukas Foss and Adre Jouve less than two minutes longer as demanded in the score. This recording seem to be at least one the few if perhaps even the first which respects the original tempo and duration advises by Bartook and differs in total with it's duration of  21'50 scarcly 20 seconds less than any other Recording I know from what Bartoks demanded without nevertheless missing to care for all musical reasonable tempochanges Bartok has given as well as the phrasing might inspire. 

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