Mereaux, Amédée (1802-1874)
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United States 26.1%United StatesJapan 4.1%JapanNetherlands 1.9%NetherlandsBrazil 0.9%BrazilTaiwan 0.7%TaiwanPoland 0.5%Poland
Germany 20.2%GermanyItaly 3.4%ItalyCanada 1.7%CanadaAustralia 0.9%AustraliaMexico 0.5%MexicoIsrael 0.5%Israel
China 6.4%ChinaSpain 3.2%SpainSwitzerland 1.2%SwitzerlandRomania 0.8%RomaniaRussian Federation 0.5%Russian FederationNorway 0.4%Norway
United Kingdom 4.8%United KingdomAustria 2.5%AustriaColombia 0.9%ColombiaBelgium 0.8%BelgiumHong Kong 0.5%Hong KongChile 0.4%Chile
France 4.5%FranceRepublic Of Korea 2.5%Republic Of KoreaSweden 0.9%SwedenCzech Republic 0.7%Czech RepublicDenmark 0.5%DenmarkSingapore 0.4%Singapore
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