Mereaux, Amédée (1802-1874)
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United States 65.4%United StatesChina 2.1%ChinaSpain 0.8%SpainArmenia 0.5%ArmeniaRussian Federation 0.3%Russian FederationGreece 0.2%Greece
Germany 9%GermanyItaly 1.8%ItalyRomania 0.8%RomaniaBrazil 0.5%BrazilArgentina 0.3%ArgentinaCzech Republic 0.2%Czech Republic
France 2.4%FranceAustria 1.3%AustriaCanada 0.7%CanadaSlovakia 0.4%SlovakiaIreland 0.2%IrelandTurkey 0.2%Turkey
Netherlands 2.3%NetherlandsRepublic Of Korea 1.1%Republic Of KoreaSwitzerland 0.6%SwitzerlandPoland 0.4%PolandPortugal 0.2%PortugalMexico 0.2%Mexico
United Kingdom 2.1%United KingdomJapan 1%JapanBelgium 0.6%BelgiumTaiwan 0.4%TaiwanHong Kong 0.2%Hong KongSerbia 0.2%Serbia
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