Strauss, Johann II.
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United States 28.3%United StatesRepublic Of Korea 3.9%Republic Of KoreaArgentina 1.5%ArgentinaMexico 1%MexicoHungary 0.7%HungaryChile 0.5%Chile
Germany 20.7%GermanySpain 3.1%SpainDenmark 1.5%DenmarkBrazil 1%BrazilUkraine 0.7%UkraineEuropean Union 0.5%European Union
Japan 4.7%JapanItaly 2.6%ItalyAustralia 1.4%AustraliaTaiwan 1%TaiwanRussian Federation 0.7%Russian FederationGreece 0.3%Greece
United Kingdom 4.6%United KingdomNetherlands 2.1%NetherlandsSwitzerland 1.2%SwitzerlandRomania 0.8%RomaniaAustria 0.7%AustriaColombia 0.3%Colombia
France 4.4%FranceCanada 1.7%CanadaBelgium 1.2%BelgiumHong Kong 0.8%Hong KongPoland 0.7%PolandFinland 0.3%Finland
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