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Projects in preparation

(The historical order of the projects here, means nothing about the sequence of their realisation.)


Otto Sigfrid Harnisch (1568 - 1623)

-  from sources of the SUB Göttingen:

a) Psalmodia nova Simplex [et] Harmonica, Schlecht vnd Recht Newe Vierstimmige Compositio Etzlicher Fuernehmer Psalmen vnd Lieder ... / Durch Oth. Sigfr.Harnisch
b) Passio dominica : Die History von dem bitter Leiden vnnd Sterben vnsers Heylandes ... / Durch Oth. S. Harnisch
c) Resurrectio dominica : Die Froeliche vnd Trostreiche History von der ... Aufferstehung vnsers Herrn vnd Heylandes ... / Durch Oth. Sigfrid Harnisch
d) Cantiones Gregorianae juventutis Theopolitanae

e) Hortulus Lieblicher, lustiger und höflicher Teutscher Lieder, mit vier, Fünff und sechs, sampt einem neuen Echo mit acht Stimmen / Durch O. S. Harnisch


Johann Friedrich Schweinitz (1708 - 1780)

a) 9 Cantatas

b) Triosonata


Georg Anton Benda (1722 - 1795)

a) Cantatas (ca. 100 Cantatas including a complete Set of Cantatas for one Year based of Lyrics by Balthasar Münter) - current status

b) Music and Concertos for Cembalo/Piano - current status


Jose Avelino Canongia, (1784 - 1842)



Eduard Franck (1817-1893)

Pianomusic - current status


Felix Draeseke (1835-1913)

Pianomusic and Orchestral music - current status

- orchestral music from Manuscripts


Jean Louis Nicodé (1853-1919)

a) Pianomusic and Chambermusic - current status

b) rare recorded orchestral music - current status

c) "Morgenwandrung im Gebirge" / Symphony for malechoir a capella ; Werk 36


Robert Kahn (1865-1951)

a) Diary in music (1160 Pianopieces from the exile years - current status

b) Manuscripts (unpublished Cantatas, songs with orchestra, chambermusic) current status

c) Chambermusic - current status


Heinrich Kaminski (1886-1946)

a) "Das Spiel vom König Aphelius"

b) Pianomusic


Martin Almstedt (Werke...)

a) Klavierwerk - current status

b) Konzerte

c) Oratorium

(etc. ...)

In addition:

- over 700 other mostly seldom or never recorded Compositions are already prepared for production.

- there will be always standard repertoire produced.


realised Projects


Chansonnier Bologna Q 18  (Bologna, Civico Bibliografico Musicale Ms Q 18)

complete recording and paralell interpretation of its 91 pieces in  4-6 different historic plausible instrumentations

Antoine Brumel (1460-ca.1515)
Missa 6 vocum, Missa de Martiribus und Missa de Dringhs

Robert Kahn Tagebuch in Tönen (Arbeitsphase 2018-2019)

203 further Transcriptions and Realisations of Pianopieces and completly new recording of all 669 Pieces in the sound of a good Bechstein.


Pianomusic (in Parallelinterpretation historic sound, modern Steinway):

18th Century

Georg Albrechtsberger: Prelude and Fuge D-major (Walther Pianoforte, Steinway), Fugue on B-A-C-H (Walther Pianoforte, Steinway),

Joseph Haydn, Arietta con Variazioni Eb-Dur Hob XVII:3(Walther Pianoforte, Steinway), Adagio G-Dur Hob:22/II (Walther Pianoforte, Steinway),

Ludwig van Beethoven: Rondo Bb Dur Kinsky/Halm Anh.6 (Broadwood, Steinway),. Fantasie op.77 (Broadwood, Steinway),

19th Century

Carl Czerny Variation brilliante op.14 (Graf Pianoforte 1826, Steinway), Impromptus - Variation Brilliante op.36 (Graf Pianoforte 1826, Steinway), Capriccio a la Fuga op.89 (Graf Pianoforte 1826, Steinway),

Franz Liszt: La Romanesca (Erard Flügel 1849, Steinway), Rondeau Fantastique sur El Contrabandista (Erard Flügel 1849, Steinway), Rhapsodie Espagnole (Erard Flügel 1849, Steinway),

Sopie Menter Mazurka op.6 (Erard Flügel 1873, Steinway), Etude for Sixts op.8 (Erard Flügel 1873, Steinway), Etude op.9 (Erard Flügel 1873, Steinway),

20th Century

Edwin Fischer: Sonatine (Steinway),

Isaac Albeniz: Navarra (Bechstein 1899, Steinway), Les Estaciones (Bechstein 1899, Steinway),

Felix Weingartner: 7 Sketches op.1 (1880) + 8 Tonpictures op.2 (Bechstein 1899, Steinway),

Alfredo Casella: Sei Studi op.70 (Steinway CD121-1951, Steinway)


Works for Orchestra and Stringorchestra of the 19th century:

Friedrich Ernst Fesca (1789-1826): Ouverture D-Major op.41

Bedrich Smetana: Overture of Prodana nevestra (The bartered Bride)

Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowsky: Serenade for Strings op.48

Edward Elgar: Serenade op.20 , Elegy op.58 , Sospiri op.70 ,

Robert Fuchs Serenade D-Major op.9

Emil von Reznicek (1857-1945) Donna-Diana-Ouverture

Giacomo Puccini: Intermezzo sinfonico (from Madame Butterfly)

Works for Orchestra and Stringorchestra of the 20th century:

Felix Weingartners Lustige Ouverture op.53

Robert Kahn (1865-1951): Serenade "Aus der Jugendzeit"(from Youth)

Josef Suk (1874-1935): Serenade op.6

Frank Bridge(1879-1941): Suite for String Orchestra H93 , Symphonic Poem Summer H116

Anton Webern(1883-1945): Im Sommerwind - Idyll fuer grosses Orchester

Alfredo Casella(1883-1947): Paganiniana op.65 - Divertimento for Orchestra on themes by Paganini , Concerto for Strings, Percussion and Piano op.65 ,

Bela Bartok (1883-1945): Divertimento for Strings (in the original Tempo)

Works for Orchestra and Stringorchestra of the 21th century:

Alan Belkin: Adagio Symphonique for Strings (2003)

Compositions on the duet "La ci darem la mano" from Mozarts Don Giovanni KV527 I,7

B.Campagnoli: Air varie op.7,2 La ci darem la mano 2 Vl.

Müller, August Eberhard: Sonata op.7,1 A-Major,

Danzi, Franz: Potpurri 2 on La ci darem la mano f. Clarinet and Orchestra

Beethoven L.v.: Variation on La ci darem la mano WoO 28 for 2 Oboes+ Englishhorn.

F.Calegari: Variazioni sopra la ci darem fuer Gitarre

Amedee Mereaux-W.A.Mozart: La ci darem la mano arrang. for Violin Violoncello Organ Piano

N.C.Bochsa: Air varie op.73,2 La ci darem la mano (Harp)


Parallelinterpretation of Standardrepertoire:

W.A.Mozart: Sonata D-Major KV 576 (Andreas Stein Pianoforte 1793/ Bechstein), Fantasy and Fugue iin C-Major

L.v. Beethoven: Sonata f-minor op.57 (Broadwoodgrandpiano 1796/ Bechstein)

Franz Schubert: Sonata a-minor D845 + Sonate Bb-Major D960 (Graf-Grandpiano 1826/ Bechstein)

Robert Schumann: Kreisleriana op.16 (Frenzel-Grandpiano 1841 / Bechstein)

Maurice Ravel: Pavane pour une Infante défunte(Erard 1873/Bechstein/Orchestraversion), original Pianotranskription of La Valse (Erard 1922 / Bechstein), Gaspar de la Nuit (Erard 1922 / Bechstein)

Sergei Prokofiev

Pianoconcertos Nr2 g-minor op.16, + Nr.3 C-Major op.26,

Pianosonatas Nr.1 f-minor op.1, Nr.7 Bb-Major op.83, Nr.8 Bb-Major op.84

Romantic Concert paraphrases on "La ci darem la Mano" from W.A.Mozarts Don Giovanni

Friedrich Kalkbrenner: Fantasie sur La ci darem la mano op.33,

Sigismund Thalberg: Fantasie et Variations sur deuc Motifs de Don Juan de Mozart

Franz Liszt: Reimiscences de Don Juan

Johann Sebastian Bach

Complete recording  of all Transkriptions of Concertos BWV 592-597 + BWV 972-987 in the sound of period instrruments (a Silbermannorgan and a Christian Zell-Harpsichord 1741) and in the sound of a modern Bechstein Grandpiano.

Prelude and Fugues on Motivs by Tomasi Albinoni BWV 923, 946, 950, 951 + 951a in the sound of period instruments (Christian Vater-Harpsichord 1738) and in the sound of a modern Bechstein Grandpiano

Ferdinando Paer (1771-1839)

Tres Sonata grande in the sound of period instruments (Schöffenstoss-Grandpiano) and in the sound of a modern Bechstein Grandpiano.

Daniel Steibelt (1765-1823)

Firsttime recordngs of Sonatas op.7.1, op.7.2, op.7.3, op.9, op.23, op.24, op.45(?), op.60, in the sound of period instruments (Pianoforte by Schantz 1790) and a modern Bechstein Grandpiano

Alexander Jemnitz (1890-1963)

Firsttimerecording of the most early Pianomusic op.2,4,5,8,23,26 (in the sound of period pianos Pleyel 1926 and in the sound of a modern Bechstein-Grandpiano)

Waldemar von Bausznern (1866-1931):

Firsttimerecording of the complete Pianomusic,

Robert Kahn (1865-1951):

further 129 Pieces from the Diary in music, in the sound of a modern Bechstein Grandpiano (with friendly support by Bechstein-digital) which comes close to the sound of the Bechstein on which Robert Kahn comnposed his Diary in music.

Bela Bartok (1881-1945)

Sonata for 2 Pianos and Percussion

Horntrios with the sound of natural horns and their tuning as demanded in the scores

Johannes Brahms op.40, Györgi Ligeti Horntrio,

Leuven Chansonnier (15. Jhd.)

Firsttimerecording of 12. anonym Unicates in 5-7 different instrumentation-versions each based on scores provided by the Goldbergstiftung

Carl Friedrich Abel (1723-l787)

Firsttimerecording of 6 Sinfonien op.1

Firsttimerecording of 2 Hornconcertos with natural horns

Frederic Chopin:

- complete Works for Piano and Orchestra in original Tempo

- Andante spianato & Grande Polonaise brilliante op.22 (Soloversion),

- Allegro de Concert op.46, Allegro de Concert (Orchestraversion by J.Louis Nicodé,


Waldemar von Bausznern:

Champagner-Ouvertüre, Weimarer Trio, Sonata Eroica,

Rick LaSalle

Dodge City Konzert für Banjo, Fiddle, Honkytonkklavier, Jazzbläser, und Streicher

Alan Belkin


Robert Kahn:

further 117 Pianopieces from the Diary in music,

Anton Webern (1883-1945)

Pianomusic, 5 Pieces for Stringquartet op.5 (1909)

Gregor Joseph Werner (1693-1776)

Organ concerto in Bb-Major, 6 Fugues for Stringquartet.

Johann Joseph Fux (1660-1741)

- complete Claviermusik (Harpsichord)

Georg Muffat (1653-1704)

6 Partitas (Harpsichord)

Johann Jakob Froberger (1616-1667)

-  complete Toccatas (Harpsichord)

Bernard van Dieren (1887-1936)

- Stringquartetts op.9 + op.15, Sonetto VII of Ed. Spencers Amoretti, Tema con Variatione, 6 Sketches op.4a, Netherlands Melodies,

Nico Richter (1915-1945)

- Violinconcert 1933 (Firstrecording)

- Concertino for Violoncello and six Instruments ~ 1935 (Firstrecording)


- Solfeggio/Vocalise "little history of textless Singing" 

a) Solfeggi by Leonardo Leo, Davide Perez, Mozart, Schubert, Rossini and Mathilde Marchesi.

b) Vocalises by G.Fauré, S.Rachmaninoff, M.Ravel, K.Szymanowski and C.Nielsens Sinfonia espansiva with it's Vocalise in the second movement.

c) Chorvocalises in symphonic music:

- F.Delius (A Song of the High Hills),

- A.Scriabin (Symphonie Nr.5 "Prométhée - Poème du feu") and

- C.Debussy (Trois Nocturnes)

- Felix Draeseke:

- 30 Kanons (zu 2,3,4,6+8 Voices) and 7 Fugen zu 4 Stimmen from the Sketchbook, Polonaise D-Dur WoO10 as first recordings from manuscripts of the SLUB Dresden

- Robert Kahn:

- further 114 Pieces from the Diary in Music, all Songs with Orchestra, three Songs with Piano, the Heldengesang "An Alvensleben" for malechoir and Winds (all as first time recordings)

- Alban Berg:

The complete musical Works - except the operas Wozzek and Lulu - with 12 hours music of Alban BErg in more than 428 mp3's of piano- chamber-  orchestral and vocal music and 146 first time recording from all genres composed by Alban Berg


- Concertos and Cantatas from the Berlin late Baroque and early classical period by G.A.Benda, Franz Benda, J.G.Graun and H.C.Graun (some of them are First-recordings)
- Robert Kahn: Chambermusic for one Stringsoloist and Piano, both pianoquintetts, more than 100 Pieces from the Diary in music,
Martin Almstedt: Pianomusic, (not yet complete)
J.G.Arnold: 5 Celloconcertos


Felix Draeseke: several first recordings of Piano- Vocal- and orchestral music,
J.L.Nicodé: Symphonic Ode "The Sea" and "Gloria!"-Symphony


J.S. Bach Clavierübung I-IV (Steinway and historical Instruments),
Johannes Brahms Studies for Piano,
Felix Draeseke: first recordings of Piano- and orchestral music,


A.A.Klengel:120 Canons and Fugues, (First and complete recording)
Eduard Franck: Early Pianomusic  op. 1-18,
Franz Liszt: Années de Pelerinage, Valses Oublié  1-4,
Maurice Ravel: Tzigane with Samples of the only existing Lutheal from the MiM Brussel


Pianomussic of Elisabeth von Herzogenberg, Jean Louis Nicodé and Eugen d'AlbertArthur Honnegger: Pacific 231,


Robert Kahn: Orchestral- and Chambermusic for an Article in the LexM,

Sergei Rachmaninof: Paganini-Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra


Olivier Messiaen: Vingt Regards,

Beginning of Recordings with Samplelibraries from historical Keyboards,


Joseph Haydn all Pianosonatas once with a sampled Walther Pianoforte once with a sampled Steinway


J.S.Bach Welltemprered Piano Vol. I + Vol.II,


Experiments like the Stringquartett on "S-t-e-f-f-e-(n) F-a-h-l", Orchesterpop, Pseudo-unplugged, Ungarophilneobarock


Experiments like short cues for Films of my Pupils,

- Experiments with Vocals of a Remix-contest (Noras Gameboy-Remix has won a second prize)