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United States 28.9%United StatesFrance 3.3%FranceSwitzerland 2.6%SwitzerlandTaiwan 0.8%TaiwanGreece 0.5%GreeceArgentina 0.3%Argentina
Germany 18.1%GermanyItaly 3.1%ItalyRussian Federation 2%Russian FederationBelgium 0.8%BelgiumPoland 0.5%PolandIreland 0.3%Ireland
China 6.8%ChinaSpain 2.9%SpainAustralia 1.5%AustraliaSweden 0.6%SwedenUkraine 0.5%UkrainePortugal 0.3%Portugal
United Kingdom 6.2%United KingdomRepublic Of Korea 2.7%Republic Of KoreaAustria 1.5%AustriaBrazil 0.6%BrazilHungary 0.5%HungaryHong Kong 0.3%Hong Kong
Japan 4%JapanNetherlands 2.6%NetherlandsCanada 1.2%CanadaChile 0.5%ChileDenmark 0.3%DenmarkIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.3%Islamic Republic Of Iran
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