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United States 20.3%United StatesFrance 3.4%FranceAustria 3.3%AustriaPoland 1%PolandTurkey 0.6%TurkeyFinland 0.4%Finland
Germany 16.6%GermanyUnited Kingdom 3.4%United KingdomRepublic Of Korea 3%Republic Of KoreaRomania 1%RomaniaTaiwan 0.6%TaiwanPortugal 0.4%Portugal
China 7.7%ChinaNetherlands 3.3%NetherlandsSwitzerland 2.1%SwitzerlandArgentina 1%ArgentinaRussian Federation 0.6%Russian FederationCzech Republic 0.4%Czech Republic
Italy 6.5%ItalyCanada 3.3%CanadaBrazil 1.5%BrazilBelgium 0.7%BelgiumSweden 0.4%SwedenIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.4%Islamic Republic Of Iran
Japan 4%JapanSpain 3.3%SpainSlovakia 1.3%SlovakiaMexico 0.7%MexicoHong Kong 0.4%Hong KongHungary 0.4%Hungary
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