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WTK I+II, Clavier-Uebungen I-IV (Harpsic./Organ, Steinway D)


54 Pianosonatas (Walther-Pianoforte, Steinway D)


Kanons: Avantcoureurs, Kanons & Fugen: Vol.1, Vol.2

Eduard Franck

Pianomusic op.1-18 (Berndt-Grandpiano 1848, Fazioli )

scrollable Composer-Timeline:

(Links to the recordings in the composernames of the Info-Popups)

Evans, Bill (Jazzpianist)

Zeitlin, Denny       

Infoslides for two examples of digital Interpretation (please click on the pictures):

a) E.Franck Impromptu op.10,1 b) F.Draesekes Orchestrapiece Frithjof WoO 7

from scan to the Mp3-File.

op.10,1 - 1: unedited midifile from notationsoftware

op.10,1 - 2: Mp3 from the sequencer after editing

from the manuscript to the Mp3-File

Frithjof -  1: unedited Midifile from the notationsoftware

Frithjof - 2: Mp3 from the sequencer after editing

Youth: The first Pianolesson I received when I was five years old from Miss Teichmann in Goettingen'/Germany. The lady impressed me from the first lesson, since she was as livly as only Italians could be. She came from Itatly before she married a german. After her Death I change to her former student Gerrit Zitterbart.
Pianostudies: After School I studied the piano at the University of Music and Performing Arts (=KUG) in Graz/Austria with Prof. Sebastian Benda (See him in the Youtubevideo from an Edwin Fisher Masterclass). In several interpretationcourses and masterclasses I received some additional advises from Einaar Steen Noekleberg, Hans Leygraf, Lew Naumov, Jürgen Uhde, Tibor Hazay und Peter Feuchtwanger. Beside the classical Piano I studied at the KUG Graz at the the same time Jazzpiano with Harry Neuwirth and paricipated during those studies Workshops with Bobby McFerrin, Bill Dobbins, Richie Beirach and others.
Musicology: After acheeving the permission to teach Piano at the KUG/Graz I changed to the F.U. Berlin where I graduate in musicology with Prof. Rudolf Stephan and achieved a Masterdegree with an Analysis of a large Work for Choir and orchestra by the german romantic composer Felix Draeseke and became doctor in musicology with a monographical thesis about one of the very few students of Johannes Brahms Robert Kahn .
(More information about me in german...)





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28 - Hob.XVI:1 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

26 - Clara Schumann: Impomptu op.9

20 - Pachelbel Aria mit 4 Variationen (1689)

17 - Hob.XVI:1 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

15 - Jean Louis Nicodé: "Das Meer"

13 - 1. Preludio, Etudes d’exécution transcendante

12 - Alban Berg 3 Orchesterstücke op.6

8 - Rachmaninoff: Paganini Rhapsodie

7 - W.A.Mozart: Adagio Kv 617 für Glasharmonika, Flöte, Oboe, Viola und Violoncello

6 - Jean Louis Nicodé: "Gloria !"

6 - Georg A. Benda Finale Klavierkonzert G-Dur (ca. 1740)

6 - Janacek "Intime Briefe" 1. Satz

6 - Hob.XVI:49 aus: Zwei Sonaten (1789/90)

5 - Giovanni Gabrieli: Ricercar

5 - Italienisches Konzert F-Dur BWV 971 (Cembalo)

5 - Hob.XVI:2 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

5 - Hob.XVI:4 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

5 - Hob.XVI:6 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

5 - Hob.XVI:2 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

5 - Heavy Paganini

4 - Franz Schmidt (1874-1939) Scherzo aus Str.-quartett in A

4 - Martin Kollas: 6 Miniaturen für zwei Klarinetten

4 - Giovanni Maria Trabaci: Versi

4 - Hob.XVI:3 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

4 - Hob.XVI:34 aus: Drei Sonaten (um 1780)

4 - 5. Präludium und Fuge D-Dur, BWV 850

4 - Partita B-major BWV 825 (Steinway)

4 - Hob.XVI:46 aus: Sieben Sonaten (1765–1772)

4 - Sonate ohne Hobockenzahl in Es Nr.2 (1760-1767)

4 - Zwei Konzertetüden 2. Gnomenreigen

3 - Johann Sebastian Bach: Fuge für Lautenwerck g-Moll BWV 1000

3 - Josef Anton Stefan: Capriccio Nr.5

3 - Hob.XVI:8 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

3 - Hob.XVI:13 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)